Skopos is an open-source API monitoring tool designed for testing multi-step API workflows and testing collections of tests in parallel.

We designed Skopos to be used for monitoring APIs in applications with a microservice architecture. For the developer, Skopos' GUI makes it possible to set up multi-step API tests and schedule them to run in short intervals.

Skopos' infrastructure is deployed to the cloud with a CLI tool using the AWS CDK.


wire snoop


A RequestBin inspired application for receiving and monitoring Webhooks.

Built using JavaScript, Express , MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React and deployed to a Digital Ocean Droplet.

contact manager

Contact Manager

An application for managing contact emails and phone numbers with dynamic filtering.

Built using JavaScript, Handlebars , HTML, and jQuery.

Airline Routes

An airline route visualizer.

Built using React, JavaScript, and deployed to Heroku.